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Tree/Shrub Warranty

All nursery stock (trees, shrubs, evergreens) purchased from Floral Acres have a one-year, hassle-free, 100% guarantee. For one year from the purchase date Floral Acres will replace any guaranteed plant that dies with a replacement up to the value originally paid.

The original register receipt and the dead plant must be brought in for a replacement to be honoured. Replacement plants are not guaranteed. Full list of exclusions found below.

Our Promise

Floral Acres Greenhouses & Garden Centre believes in the products we carry. We curate a selection of hardy stock as well as horticultural Tree and Shrub varieties. Floral Acres is so confident that your new tree or shrub will root and thrive in the environment you’re planting that we offer a one-year, hassle-free, 100% guarantee on your purchase. In fact, we will extend that guarantee to five years with the purchase of a qualifying amount of MYKE’s Tree & Shrub. This type of comprehensive warranty is only available at Independent Garden Centers!

"Offering Peace Of Mind With Your Purchase"

Floral Acres policy exceptions

Plants that are tagged for hardiness zone 4 or higher are not guaranteed. Any Nursery stock purchased at 40% off or greater is not guaranteed. Replacement plants are not guaranteed. There will be no cash refunds on dead nursery stock. Replacement up to the value originally paid only.

How can I get five (5) years warranty?

Purchase the qualifying amount of MYKE’s Tree & Shrub for the pot-size(s) you are purchasing and extend the warranty to 5-years! Please refer to the MYKE’s pamphlet for details. This offer is only available from Independent Garden Centers.

How do I make a warranty claim?

Making a claim is simple. Bring this Warranty package including the original sales receipt along with your dead/warrantable plant to one of our retail cashiers.

Within year one: Our cashiers will authorize the warranty return and you will select your replacement plant from our stock or receive a store credit for the value originally paid.

After year one: If your original sales receipt shows the qualifying amount of MYKE’s purchased, we will process any claims made in years two, three, four, or five on your behalf with MYKE’s. You will select your replacement from our stock or receive a store credit for the value originally paid.

Caring for your new tree or shrub

Dig a hole that is 2-3 times the diameter of the root ball but no deeper than its height. Rustle apart the root ball and add MYKE’s Tree & Shrub. Place the prepared plant in the hole and backfill with soil, then top with mulch. Finish by building a berm around the new planting and give it plenty of water. Watering should continue until the first frost, usually around the beginning of October. At that time, one final soaking should get your tree through the winter months.