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10-18 in
12-14 in
Flower Colour:
Soil Moisture:
Days to Maturity:
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These are not especially challenging plants to grow and will thrive in a grouping of other plants. They do appreciate occasional misting to raise the ambient humidity, and you should pinch off-shoots that reach 15" inches or so. This will encourage bushiness and keep the plant in a more manageable form. Left unpruned, the plant will grow into a small, loose shrub of about two feet.One of the most effortless houseplants or shade bedders you will ever grow, Splash is so much fun! An annual foliage plant, it springs right up from seed, its leaves beautifully "splattered" with white or varying hues of pink. Quite compact, it looks terrific in shady beds and borders from spring through fall, then makes a fine winter houseplant!The large, pointed leaves arise from the central stem, creating a neat rosette that looks lovely in the front of the border or in containers of all sizes. The foliage is dark green very heavily splattered with bright colors, so that on most leaves, only the midrib and veining remain green! This mix contains 3 complementary colors: dark pinkish-red, light pink, and ivory-white. They look great together, or may be selected for their variegation and arranged as you please.

Care Instructions

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