Grape - Valiant

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Scientific Name:
VITIS 'Valiant'
Flower Colour:
Soil Moisture:
Days to Maturity:
Dark purple
Fruit Size:


A cold hardy grape with a sweet, rich, tangy flavor. Valiant Grape vines produce clusters of small, blue slip-skin fruits that are good for making into wine, juice, jams and jellies, baked goods—or just eating fresh. Developed by South Dakota State University, this grape was bred especially for Northern growers. The vines can be trained on an arbor or trellis, and yield 20-40 pounds of fruit at maturity. The grapes grow best when planted in moist, well-drained, slightly acidic soil in full sun. Fruits ripen in late August to mid-September.

Self pollinating.

Care Instructions

  • Grapes should be planted in a sheltered location so they don’t get beaten up by the wind and in full sun.  The more sun you can give a grape plant the better.  The south facing side of a shed or fence is perfect.
  • Grapes should be planted in the spring or fall into moist fertile soil.  They should be well watered all through the season.  Grapes do not like to be bone dry for extended periods of time and will start to wilt if that happens.
  • They should be planted about 6-8 feet apart to allow for trellising.
  • You can remove up to 90% of the vine in the fall.  Grapes flower on new growth so you will not be losing any of the fruit.  Just make sure you have a couple good buds left on the stalk.

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